The “Migrating Coastlines” blog documents research undertaken while traveling as the 2012 Rotch Travelling Scholar. This blog provides a forum for collecting materials, observations, and insights related to land reclamation and its role in the urbanization of coastal cities. The primary intent of this research is to assemble an Atlas cataloging the scope and scale of land reclamation worldwide. In addition to communicating the magnitude of specific pressures driving reclamation, the Atlas will attempt to visualize the vast transformations that have occurred in the cities and regions studied. The Atlas will capture the growing spectrum of land reclamation types and techniques and document the impacts of these strategies when experienced in situ. By aggregating an extensive range of projects and techniques, the Atlas serves to reveal and communicate the pervasiveness of reclamation as a ‘global project’ and integral tool in the development of coastal cities.

Founded in 1883 in honor of Benjamin Smith Rotch, the Rotch Travelling Scholarship is the oldest of its kind in the United States and its influence has been felt throughout the entire profession. The roster of Rotch Scholars includes many of the country’s most distinguished architects: Henry Bacon, Ralph Walker, Wallace Harrison, Louis Skidmore, Edward D. Stone, Gordon Bunshaft, Victor Lundy and many others. For additional information, please visit Rotch.org

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